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Free witch craft spells that work in USA | UK | australia | south africa | new zealand and papua new guinea

Free Witchcraft Spellsin Johannesburg, Bedford, Bournemouth, Glasgow and Sydney, My Famous 2 cards Of Prosperity Spell and others let me get you started on my free witchcraft spells that really work. If you learn and practice all that i teach about the 2 Magic points that power every spell.

Do the first ritual ceremony before doing the love spell or money spell . It will build more energy into spells, increasing your chances for success. I think you’ll like what you find after doing them, and here are some of my free witchcraft spells that work fast;

Spell 1: Dr Abdul’s Love attraction spell and how to do it

  • 2 small cup
  • Honey and maple syrup
  • Basil
  • small piece of triangle paper
  • pens (red, green,)
  • 2 piece of your hair
  • 2 small spoon
  • 2 candles (red, green)
  • Step 1: Write your name straight across the piece of paper, vertically and keep writing it until you can’t fit it on the paper anymore. Each time you write it, rotate through the different colored pens the one i mentioned above.

    Step 2: Next, turn the paper 45 degrees so that a “point” of the paper is facing you. Write Be Sweet ACROSS the paper from left to right. Write it so that it crosses over your name at least 2 times, and use each color at least once.

    Step 3: Fold the paper in half, writing on the inside.

    Step 4: Fold the edges over so you make a kind of “envelope”. Use tape to keep the edges folded.

    Step 5: Put the pieces of your hair inside, and the basil as well.

    Step 6: File the cups with the syrup (or honey) you are using.

    Step 7: Next, as you put a small spoonful of the syrup (or honey) in front of your face, focus on it and chant the following for at least 6 times;

    “As i eat this sweet may all i meet be ever so sweet whenever we greet. As i eat this honey divine may your eyes turn to me. May all find me sweet as this honey is to me.” Then eat the honey.

    Step 8: Put the envelope into the cup and close it.

    Step 9: Light all 2 candles and place them around the cup. Let them burn for 45 minutes, maximum.

    Step 10: Keep the cup in a safe, dark place, to keep the sweetness going.