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How to practise exorcism in USA | UK | australia | south africa | new zealand and papua new guinea

Exorcism is spiritual and it requires a powerful spirited person to perform it perfectly. Many people are possessed but they don’t know the right person to dispossess those spirits from them and there are various ways of dispossessing evil spirits like “smudging” where burning of special herbs is done onto that possessed person in order to be purified or cleansed from the evil spirits.

The burning of this special herbs make the possessed person to go in trance so that there is room for the evil spirit which is haunting that person to talk the reason why it’s on him or her.

Sometime when the burning of this herbs start the evil spirits cries pleading for forgiveness and confessing the person who sent them and the reason why. In most cases during the burning of this herb and other rituals the bad spirits flee that very person.

In African traditions exorcism is away of cleansing or purifying of someone from evil spirits and it’s widely attended to. Some times they take possessed people in churches to be prayed for so as to chase away bad spirits from that person but most of them fails cause some churches lack a person who can interact with gods for powers.

Rituals for exorcism in Europe, USA and Africa.

As a native traditional healer i have various ways of dispossessing evil spirits from people like the other practice of sweat lodge ceremonies this is also a healing way of dispossessing evil spirits from people and this requires various functions when performing this healing. It require thanks giving rites of passage.

The pipe ceremony takes a lot whereby one has to connect the physical and spirit world of the possessed person or the healer has to connect with the possessed person’s spirits for interaction so as to ask them go away from you or catch them.

Exorcism today is despised especially in European and Northern America where by some people can become mad and be taken to a mental hospital which is wrong cause here in Africa it’s different.

Some of mad people are being treated through traditional ways like exorcism whereby after this ritual he becomes normal and he or she cannot tell you what has been happening in his or her life.

This also applies on drug addiction and other addictions like smoking and drunkenness. Here in Africa people tend to cast spell or witchcraft to persons in order to be drunkard for the rest of his or her life, Even people from Europe,USA and Canada also inquires me on this spell.

Don’t you wonder seeing someone who has been sober for sometime but time comes, and becomes addictive on alcohol. The recovery from this addiction as a crisis of spirit, requires at least the perspective of two worlds and i usually use sweat lodge ceremonies or therapy to heal the mad. contact DR ABDUL KAMBA A POWERFUL NATIVE HEALER AND SPELL CASTER.