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Revenge spells in USA | UK | australia | south africa | new zealand and papua new guinea

I don’t always believe that casting revenge spells in USA, UK, Germany and Hawaii is ever a wise action and i’m going to tell you the reason why. Mind you and i’ll give you other alternatives to revenge spells that can help you with any situation where someone is intentionally trying to harm.

When someone intentionally tries to harm you physically or emotionally, it is normal to at least consider seeking revenge because it’s human to get annoyed and react accordingly. If you do good deeds, and put forth positivity, good comes back to you. If you do bad deeds, and send negativity into the world, bad comes back to you.

REVENGE SPELLS could bring negativity to your target but it can also bring negativity right back to you. Whenever I feel offended by someone, I first try to calm myself and think about it. In other cases i do a special blessing for that person who wronged me so that he or she may find peace, mercy and begin to bring a positive energy to the world.

We all have our good days and bad days. Some days are filled with people bringing positive energy and some are trying to bring negativity into our lives and the world around us. Well, we can be hurt and seek for vengeance sometimes but we have to first think about it critically before counteracting because some of you with black magic you can make a revenge spell to retaliate and you affect the other person due to negative energy sent.

How can i revenge with a spell with no side effect

EVERY ONE has his own intention before performing a spell. Some of you have good intentions and others have negativity and hatred. A spell can help you in anyway as i talked about according to someone’s need and desire and can be perfected by a skilled spell caster like me.

You can order for a spell wherever you are as long as your intentions are not to kill or harm any one else. Many people contact me on this saying that i have someone who made me to loose my job and i want him to pay back, My friend snatched my boy friend from me etc… what should i do.? .

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